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Fight Song…


Wilbur Wright High School Fight Song lyrics:

Down the field to victory,
Roll up the score for Wilbur Wright.
Here's to fame and loyalty,
Let's win the game, so fight! Team, fight!

Red and black we're all for you,
We'll never let your colors trail.
Cheer, lets cheer for Wilbur Wright,
Her spirit will not let us fail.
Fight!   Fight!   Fight!
Fight!   Fight!   Fight!

(Words by Bob Holmes)


These are the lyrics to our old fight song, as well as Sharon Olander Tangeman (WWHS 1974) could remember them. Are there any more verses? Is this correct? If you know, tell us so we can post it online for everyone!

Coming soon: We’re searching our attics and trunks for a sound recording of the music. When we find it, we’ll post that online too, so you can enjoy it out loud. (If any of you have a good recording of the music available, send us a copy, to save us the long search through musty old boxes). Thanks!