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The following list of class years features the names of people who volunteered to try and notify classmates from their own class year about our all-years reunion weekend. Note that if you do not see any name listed for a particular year, then we do not yet have anyone for that year, and have therefore not been able to reach classmates from that class year!

This event started out as a party for just a few class years, centered around the early 1970’s. But then other classmates learned about it, and wanted their own class years to be included. Soon it grew to include ALL class years, which is terrific! However, the challenge of trying to find thousands of classmates from over 40 graduating class years is too much for anyone to handle. So, we elected to seek one person from each class year to volunteer to try and reach their own classmates from their own single year. The following list identifies which class years we have found volunteers for, and which years are not yet filled. If there is someone listed here for your WWHS class year, then please do contact them for further information and full details. But, if you do not see anyone listed for your class year, please consider helping us to reach your classmates, by volunteering to help! Your contact info will be listed below, and then you can try and call or email folks from your class year to invite them. We have also printed up some nice informative post cards, which we will supply to you for mailing out to any addresses you may have.

Let’s make this the greatest, most all-inclusive class reunion EVER!

Jim Wirth, WWHS ’72
Sharon Olander Tangeman, WWHS ’74

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