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Historic Photos

Photos from WWHS's history, Wilber Wright's principals, photos of the Wright Brothers, old photos from the archives. Thanks to Diana Lee Riddlebaugh Schweiterman, President of the Wilbur Wright Alumni Association, for access to these wonderful photos. We'll add more as they are available. If you have any you'd like to share, please let us know. You can send them to Gina. We will add them as we are able, but be patient, we are all volunteers here.  :)

  • Jay William Holmes Jay William Holmes WWHS's First Principal: 1940-62
  • William Holloway William Holloway WWHS Principal: 1962-72
  • Edgar M. Norris Edgar M. Norris WWHS Assistant Principal: 1962-72 Principal: 1972-82
  • Thomas Herrman Thomas Herrman WWHS Assistant Principal: ?? Was Printing & Drivers' Ed. Instructor. Was at WWHS from 1941 to 1968
  • Mr. Goodrich Mr. Goodrich Former principal at Lincoln Elementary School (thanks to Bill Davis Class of '72)
  • Norman B. Wine Norman B. Wine Principal of Wilbur Wright Junior High School: 1936-38
  • Willard H. Marquardt Willard H. Marquardt Principal of Wilbur Wright Elementary School: 1932-1936
  • Faculty Photo Faculty Photo 1964-65 WWHS Faculty
  • Orville Wright Orville Wright at Wilbur Wright High School Commencement
  • Orville Wright Orville Wright at Wilbur Wright High School
  • Don "Monk" Meineke Don "Monk" Meineke First NBA Rookie of the Year - 1953 Pistons


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