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Pilot Library


Please note that the following lists are of the Pilots that we have copies of. Not all of the issues have live links yet. We are scanning them as we can and the links will become "live" as we get them done. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks to Diana Lee Riddleman Schweiterman, Class of ‘62, President of the Wilbur Wright Alumni Association, and "curator" of the WWHS Alumni room, we have been able to scan many issues of the Wright Pilot.


Others who have donated copies of the Pilot: Pearl Dahmen, Doug McClure, Rebecca Polen (Class of '72), Bonnie Anderson Jensen (Pilots from 1948-50), and Jack Frosh.

We will continue to add issues to the Wright Pilot library as we can.

If you have any issues not on the list, please allow us to borrow them and scan them to add to the library.

Thanks so much!

1940-1950 1951-1960 1961-1970 1971-1980 1981-82